Inspiring research being done in Taiwan, including recent research into the effects of Father-Neonate Skin-to-Skin Contact on Attachment.
Read the article, published by Er-Mei Chen, Meei-Ling Gau, Chieh-Yu Liu, and Tzu-Ying Lee:

Perinatal care typically focuses on the postpartum mother and her newborn infants. Reflecting this phenomenon, most perinatal care research has focused on the mother during the pregnancy and birthing experience, excluding the feelings and functions of the father [1]. A qualitative study by Hsieh (2001) [2] found that new parents begin to experience parenting anxiety from the moment their child is born. They accumulate the experience necessary to realize their ideal parenting roles using adjustments, tradeoffs, trial and error, and external assistance. Apart from confronting the needs of new mothers and newborn infants, postnatal care delivered by nurses and midwives should benefit new fathers as well. For some men, the significance of being a father begins at childbirth [3].

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